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Go-Find 44

Code 3231-0014

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Minelab Go-Find 44

This is a lightweight and collapsible treasure hunting detector.  It is the Value-Plus Choice of the 3 Go-Find detectors and is proving to be very popular.  It has a fully waterproof searchcoil, and is powered by 4 AA batteries.  The shaft length adjusts to suit each member of the family.  It is fully collapsible, has 3 Find Modes, 5 Treasure LEDs, a Backlight, 4 Levels of Sensitivity, 5 Volume Levels, Pinpoint Option, Bluetooth Connectivity and a Free Mobile Phone App.  Includes free batteries.

It is very easy to use:

  • Press the "Find" button to select search modes and go detecting,
  • It has a user-friendly and touch button design
  • Audio and visual target alerts:
  • Green Leds mean a non-iron (non-ferrous) metal target e.g. silver or gold. This target has a high tone.
  • Red Leds indicate an iron (ferrous) metal target. This target has a low tone.
  • Use withthe Go-Find App - Free download from either Apple or Android Google Play:
  • Identifies common coins, view information about the detector, share finds with friends and detect while listening to music.

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