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Now with FREE Instruction Manual 

The best treasure hunting detector ever made.    


 This is the latest and the ultimate treasure hunting detector from Minelab. This detector is fun and easy to use, it has many features to make your detecting experience exciting and rewarding.


It has accurate target identification through the full colour LCD screen and advanced Target Trace discrimination. This allows you to dig worthwhile targets while avoiding trash.There are 8 adjustable Tone ID profiles to help identify different types of targets.

The CTX3030 Standard comes with wireless audio and that means the freedom to detect without the headphones attached to the detector. Choose from the supplied headphones, your own headphones or listen to the built in speaker.

This detector is waterproof to 3 metres, making it an excellent choice for rivers, lakes and beaches. It is designed to deal with all kinds of terrain through its robust design and manufacture.

The Minelab CTX3030 is easy to use. It has "switch on and go" features as well as many automatic functions and 5 preset Search Modes. It also has many options to "explore and grow" your knowledge and ability with this fantastic detector.

The 3.5" (9 cm) full colour LCD display enhances the discrimination abilities of the detector. You will soon be able to recognise how the different colours indicate types of targets and situation. This information will make your treasure hunting experience much more successful.

This is the first detector that incorporates full GPS locating technology. The CTX 3030 has both a Map Screen and a Navigation Tool.

  •  You can create Geo trails each time you go detecting that will show you the ground you have already covered. This helps you avoid repeating search areas and avoiding others.
  • You can use Find Points to record locations of treasure, and you can log in Way Points or points of interest to return to and detect at a later time.
  • The Geo Hunt option allows you to record an entire mapping excursion and that can be kept for later reference.

Minelab have incorporated the XChange 2 technology in the CTX3030. This means that all of the detector settings and treasure locations can be uploaded to your PC. It is possible to expand your PC documents by uploading photographs and text about your finds and locations. These can be grouped in files and sorted into categories to keep or to share documents with friends. Locations can be viewed on Google Maps. Information and data can also be downloaded from your PC to the detector as well.

This detector is extremely well-balanced and the ergonomic design (with the battery weight behind the armrest) means that you will experience very comfortable detecting. You will be able to detect for longer as you can adjust the detector to suit your requirements.

You can choose the language you wish to use the detector. There are 9 options. (English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Spanish orTurkish)

 Weight: 2.4 kgs 





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