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REEDS PROSPECTING SUPPLIES is happy to welcome the new owners, Aaron and Shandell Raddock.  We hope they have a happy and fulfilling time running the shop.  We hope that our customers and friends will be very welcoming to the new owners.  They bring a wide range of knowledge and skills to the the store and are looking forward to getting to know you all.                                          

The  RAC 2017 Perth Caravan and Camping Show.  Thank you to everyone who came and visited the stall at the Caravan and Camping Show.  A special thanks to the members of the West Coast Metal Deecting Club who were very willing to help out and to advise people about the role and benefits of joining this club.  The West Coast Metal Detecting Club holds a variety of treasure hunting activities over the year, and has an Easter Camp in the gold fields.  Members get to try out different detecting experiences in a variety of different locations. Thanks again for your efforts and enthusiasm.

The newest coil from Coiltek is a 14 x 9 DD spoked coil designed for use with the CTX 3030.  This is a very convenient shape and many CTX 3030 users will find this coil a great additon to their existing coils.


Coiltek have released a new range of coils called the camo ELITE range. The wire in these coils is configured differently to the standard wiring.  This makes the coils much more sensitive and it also makes the coil quiet and very efficient.  The new windings in these coils have made them very popular as prospectors are frequently finding much more gold with these new coils. The range now includes:

  • 14 x 9" Camo Elite
  • 11" Round Camo Elite
  • 14" Round Camo Elite
  • 17 x 11" Camo Elite
  • 18" Round Camo Elite - this is the only spoked coil in this range.

by Paul Von Zorich

Metal Detecting for Gold in the Karratha-Roebourne Region

This is Paul Von Zorich's latest book. He indicates some of the best places to find gold in the region. There are maps and advice for prospecting in this area.

There is information on how to get the best from your detector and coil in salty areas. He includes strategies and techniques for detecting salt flats and salt marshes in the Karratha area.

Price $49.95. Available at Reeds Prospecting Supplies. Also available through the online shop.


Do you have a metal detector that you do not use because you have lost your Instruction Manual?

Reeds Prospecting Supplies found a lot of Instruction Manuals in the clean up and move to their new premises.

Contact Reeds to see if they have the Instruction Manual you are looking for. All Instruction Manuals are $25.00. (Except the GPX 5000 manual that remains at $55.00 each.)


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