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Minelab ETRAC Detector

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RRP AUD $1795.00

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Minelab E-TRAC:

This is a sophisticated treasure/coin and relic detector.  It is simple to set up and use but has many sophisticated options that can be explored over time. It features:

    • A technologically advanced detector featuring FBS (Full Band Spectrum) and Smartfind discrimination
    • Robust but lightweight with a sleek and sturdy design, it has an innovative control panel, LCD screen, intuitive menus and many targeting options.
    • E-TRAC has a USB interface so that you can connect to a home computer; upload your E-TRAC  settings, user models and discrimination patterns.  This means that you can configure the E-TRAC to particular detecting environments and preferred targets.
    • The E-TRAC can locate valuable metal objects in many different environments and handle a variety of ground conditions including highly magnetic ground, extremely salty soils, wet beach sand and salt water.
    • Target identification is more accurate due to FBS technologies with simultaneous frequencies ranging from 1.5kHz – 1000kHz
    • “Quickmask”  is a fast and easy way to edit patterns, it has independent ferrous and conductivity rejection level adjust.
    • Target ID is improved through the discrimination scale with radical alignment
    • Pre-programming of 4 user modes (Coins, High Trash, Beach and Relics) for switch on and go detecting.
    • Greater precision in threshold adjustment on a 1 – 50 scale
    • Improved target size and identification by pin pointing with audio and visual indicators on two modes.
    • Adapt to changing ground conditions with the Ground Settings of Neutral and Difficult.
    • The 2 Trash Density settings allow greater ease of location and recovery of valuable items.
    • Fast and easy key pad and menu design.
    • Clear display panel for optimum visibility.
    • Ergonomically balanced handle assembly for less fatigue.
    • 11” DD coil is ultra-lightweight and waterproof.

 With each purchase of the ETRAc you will receive:  the detector, shafts, armrest and 11" round DD coil.  Included is 1 x Alkaline battery pack, 1 x Rechargeable battery pack (1600m/Ah Nimh), 1 x headphones, 1 x USB connector cable, 1 x 240 Volt mains battery charger.

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