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aa SDC 2300 Gold Detector

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SDC Re-Chargable Batereis + Pick Holder + More.....

Minelab SDC 2300

Minelab have developed an easy to use, compact and highly sensitive detector.



Rugged and Assembly Free  

This detector has been constructed to conform to military grade specifications.  It is designed to  perform in the toughest conditions.  It is a one piece detector for ease and freedom of use.

Compact Size

The SDC 2300 folds down for easy carrying: 216mm (8 1/2" ) by 406 (16"). This small detector fis into most backpacks and carry-on luggage.


Waterproof Capability

Fully submersible to 3 metres (10 feet).  Ideal for detecting shorelines and river beds.  It allows easy transition from land to water. The SDC 2300 can be used in all weather conditions - even in the rainy season.

Easy Patch Hunting It is easy to search easily and efficiently in hard to reach areas.  Locate the small targets that may lead to larger patches.

Easy to Use Controls

LED Indicators:  Show target strength, battery status and threshold level.

Audio Controls: This adjusts threshold level and high and low audio tone.

Noise Cancel: An easy press button to eliminate external interference.

Sensitivity: Suits all ground conditions through the 8 position adjustments.

MPF Technology: Multi Period Fast is the extremely fast Pulse Induction switching between Transmit and Receive signals.

This enables clear and sharp detection of even very small targets.

A speaker can be used with the SDC 2300 detector instead of headphones.  A Booster is needed to Enhance the sound output.  The B&Z booster is the appropriate booster.                              

SEE THE SDC 2300 at work in the following clips.

Chris Ralph discusses the SDC 2300 - see this link:




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