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COILTEK 14 x 9" CTX 3030 COIL


About Us

Reeds Prospecting Supplies is at 25B Helen Street Bellevue, (just near Midland). It is conveniently located with plenty of on street parking for cars with caravans or trailers, as the last stop before you head to the bush to begin a prospecting adventure. The owners of Reeds Prospecting Supplies have a wide range of detecting knowledge and skills that began in the 1980s.

As Jeff says, ...

"I began my association with the goldfields and prospecting in the early 1980's when I left Sydney and was on an around Australia working holiday. I was working on a farm in Grass Patch WA and had been "seeding" wheat when I received a call from a mate, telling me that he had been in Western Australia for 3 days and had just found a 15oz gold nugget, and asked if I was interested in joining him.

I left the wheatfields as soon as I could and travelled to Leonora to make the most of this great opportunity, meeting my mates and getting to work doing some serious prospecting. In those days there were still some of the old prospectors left from the 1920s and '30s living in the goldfields towns. Many of them were very generous with their knowledge and information about geology, mineralogy, gold prospects, local knowledge of water holes, landforms, gold refining and various techniques needed by the full time prospector. My mates and I were active learners from these wonderful older gentlemen who were fascinating living histories of the area. We found that we loved the lifestyle and were able to make a decent living by prospecting for gold.

The detectors used by most prospectors at this time were: the Garretts Deepseeker, A2B Groundhog and the White's 2000. By today's standards these were rather inefficient but they still managed to find impressive amounts of gold and generate a lot of interest throughout the world in the findings on the Western Australian goldfields. We were among many young gold prospectors who had come to West Australia from all parts of the world and from all walks of life. This made a very interesting and cosmopolitan situation where all were united by our common goal of finding gold and enjoying being part of such a unique gold oriented community.

After Jo and I married I moved to Perth and we raised two children. We kept up our contacts from the goldfields returning whenever we could.

The chance to buy Reeds Prospecting Supplies meant that I could use both the skills and talents developed as a prospector and my understanding of small business. Owning Reeds has meant that we have been able to renew contacts from the bush and make many new friends. Jo is now working in the shop and our son Liam, a young adult, helps out when he can. We see the original owner, John Reed, most Saturday mornings as he drops in for a coffee and a chat with the prospectors who come in to visit. We also see Bernfreid and Petra Wasse who owned and ran Reeds Prospecting before us. They drop in for a cuppa and a chat in between their many prospecting trips."

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